Hey everyone!!! 

This weekend is my last North American convention- Anime Revolution (anirevo) in Vancouver, BC. I’ll post my whereabouts for that shortly! In the mean time, I’d like to say something!!

I KNOW I say a lot “YEAH I’M DOING STUFF”— and seem to still only post doodles!! But this weekend is literally one of the last major time consumers of the year (and ahh there’s been quite a bit this summer!!), and after that everything I’ve been planning to do is on its way. I’m very excited that I’ll have so much time soon to get stuff done, finally!!!

People who have been waiting on anything from me (Gofundme commissions, commissions in general, the orders I’ve gotten the last week, etc) I apologize sincerely for the wait! I hope everyone understands and you will receive your work shortly. :) I truly appreciate everyone’s patience!

Thanks so much for following me & appreciating my blog! 

More to come, and much love,


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